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itunes_media's Journal

Purchased iTunes Media
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Community for purchased iTunes media
About: This is a community for iTunes Purchased media ONLY. If it wasn't purchased from iTunes, then don't post it here.

Rules: Be nice. People take there time to upload media, so don't be rude about it. This is also a moderated community. You will most likely be accepted for membership, as long as you aren't a troll. If you just come and take some media, that's fine as long as you say thanks. If you wanna upload media to share, even better! Posting is also moderated, only to make sure that it is iTunes purchased and it isn't spam. It will also most likely be accepted. Advertisements to other communities are only permitted with my permission. I'm pretty lenient on those things, so if you ask me, I'll probably say yes. And the most important rule, FRIENDS LOCK ALL MEDIA POSTS

Posting Rules: Please use HTML code, just for organizational purposes. If you don't know how to do that, visit this page. If you can't figure it out, feel free to PM me and I can HTML the links for you.

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